We are looking to partner with like minded entrepreneurs having an urge to grow fair and fast.

The cities marked for this phase of growth are Bangalore, NCR, Pune, Hyderabad and Mysore.

How do we partner?


Location is the most critical of the decision making factor. We would scout out areas and help in identification of the right location. Once the location is finalised, we would assist in interior design and set-up of the outlet.


We provide recipes and training to prepare the food. Staff will be trained in food hygiene, quality controls, customer service, inventory control and reporting.


We believe in fresh food, true food. To maintain quality standards ingredients are procured from approved vendors only. All prep work are done centrally in our kitchens. Prepped ingredients would be delivered to the store daily to be consumed daily.

Partner With Us

Write to us with your intent and location preference. It would help us to inaugurate your business quicker if details of location, ownership mode and company details are shared.


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